Availability of solar panels:

These days, most suppliers of (crystalline silicon) solar panels are unable to deliver their panels within reasonable time.

The main reason for this is, that they are dependant on the supply of silicon wafers, which is very limited nowadays (well known “feedstock problem”); this means that only selected customers get access to crystalline silicon panels.


The simple reason for this is, that Free Energy Europe does not need to use silicon wafers at all; this is because the thin silicon layers which are used in Free Energy Europe solar panels are made by an advanced in house process, called “plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition”. The only raw material which Free Energy Europe needs for making the silicon layers is an industrial gas, which is available in unlimited quantity.


Free Energy Europe is a European manufacturer of affordable solar electricity solutions since 1985; the solar electricity panels have been designed for offering high quality, low cost and long lifetime solutions for charging 12 volt batteries.

In the past 20 years, Free Energy Europe has gained extensive expertise in product and application development, in high quality and cost effective manufacturing and in pre- and after sales support.

As a consequence, Free Energy Europe is considered by most private and public organisations as the supplier of low power solar electricity solutions with the best price/performance ratio. 


Free Energy Europe solar electricity panels are mainly used as a solar charger for 12 volt batteries; therefore, most of Free Energy Europe solar electricity panels are used in Solar Home Systems in Developing Countries.

The second largest application for Free Energy Europe panels is as a battery charger in professional applications, like electrical fences, automatic door openers, traffic guiding equipment, parking systems, etc.

Free Energy Europe panels are also used as a direct power source for small electric motors or pumps.


Free Energy Europe manufactures thin film silicon solar electricity panels in the power range of 5 to 19 watts and with a voltage output suitable for charging 12 volt batteries.

Free Energy Europe panels are currently the best choice for remote low power applications, due to the combination of long lifetime, high reliability and low cost.


Free Energy Europe solar electricity panels are distributed by professional importers and distributors in many countries, all over the world. On request, Free Energy Europe can refer potential customers to one of their trading partners.

Pre- and after sales support:

The Free Energy Europe support team, headed by sales director mr Dominique Guillardeau, is available any time to answer your questions concerning the use of solar electricity panels in low power, low voltage applications.

What's new ?

June 21,2005 - Transfer of Sales & Marketing operations
In order to further improve the quality and efficiency level, the management of Free Energy Europe decided to concentrate all oprerations, like R & D, manufacturing, warehouse, shipping, and sales and marketing in the factory location in Lens, France.

December 14,2004 - Free Energy Europe signs partnership agreement with Dutch Minister for Development Cooperation
The public private partnership will support technical assistance, training and financing of the inland solar dealers in Sri Lanka.


April 22,2004 - Certification according to IEC 61646
TuV Rheinland has issued the certification of the C-version of Free Energy Europe panels according to the IEC 61646 standard. This standard has been designed to prove that the panels have an expected outdoor lifetime of at least 20 years.
With the certification our panels are now eligible for major international donor programmes, including those supported by the World Bank.


Jan 21,2003 - Solar sales training in Tibet
In Tibet, solar energy is used by nomadic households. The main problem is that suppliers are not able to offer high quality products due to fierce price competition. Free Energy Europe has therefore started to offer sales and marketing trainings to solar shops, together with our Tibetan partner Gesang Solar Energy.

May 29,2002 - Joint venture in Tanzania
Together with a Dutch partner and two Tanzanian partners, Free Energy Europe has set up a company in Tanzania to speed up the development of the commercial market for solar systems in the country.

October 22,2001 - Presentation of new product range
At the European PV conference in Munchen, the new product range of amorphous silicon solar panels has been presented. The range includes single junction panels of 5Watt, 7Watt and 14Watt nominal power.
A new addition to the range is a 19 Watt tandem junction solar panel.


May 2,2001 - Improved frame on 4 Watt and 6 Watt panels
A new frame design has been introduced for the A11P and A115P solar panels. With this upgrade, the mechanical strength and moisture barrier has been brought on the same high level as the popular 12Watt solar panel.

October 4,2000 - Higher energy yields than c-Si panels
In an independent characterisation of the leading solar modules by ECN in the Netherlands, Free Energy Europe panels performed second best in energy yield (kWh/kWp), over 12% better than the average of the tested c-Si panels.


July 27,2000 - Opening of fully automated line
In July the final phase of injection framing has been automated. The module manufacturing line in Lens is now completely automated.

June 28,2000 - Solar facade
End of june 2000, a solar facade was installed on our office building in Eindhoven. A project description with photographs is now available on the web-site.


May 29,2000 - Best tested in the field
In 1999-2000, an independent field evaluation by Princeton and Berkeley Universities with Energy Alternatives Africa has evaluated the behaviour of amorphous silicon panels in harsh field conditions. The tests have shown Free Energy panels to give best value for money, with 0% failure rate and stable power output in the field.

PHOTON International Magazine reports: "Modules produced by the French manufacturer Free Energy Europe perform best among the leading amorphous silicon module brands …"


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